Investigate Security Incidents at Machine Speed

On-demand Demo and Technical Q&A

Security analysts are the detectives of the Security Operations Center; investigating suspicious alerts and events, corroborating related evidence from multiple sensors, threat intelligence, and company context. The security analyst position is pivotal, yet they still face manual challenges of connecting pieces of evidence; having to chase false positives, or pivoting between different consoles. In the likeness of how the evidence board enables detectives to collect and connect evidence from a crime, XDR solutions enable our security detectives to detect, investigate and respond to incidents more efficiently and effectively. An open XDR works with the best-of-breed security telemetries to correlate the probability of a security event being malicious and actionable. Security analysts receive a fully scoped investigation, from the first suspicious alert through the entire malicious scenario that occurred in the environment, all mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

The Respond Analyst is a simple, open, and intelligent XDR Engine:

  • Simple - cloud-native and deploys in hours without coding or content writing
  • Open – vendor-agnostic integrations modernize the sensor grid, no rip & replace
  • Intelligent –powered by Integrated Reasoning, the combination of data science and automated analysis from multiple sources determines the likelihood of an event being malicious and actionable

Join Mike Epplin, Solutions Architect, for the technical Q&A and on-demand demo of the Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine.

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