Respond Analyst Live Demo 

When: November 21st, 10:30 AM PDT/ 1:30 PM EDT

Your hand-picked team of security talent are masters of investigation, exploration, and asking ‘what if?’ questions. This means they tend to be good at threat hunting, strategizing, planning projects, asking probing questions, and forming conclusions.

This is why it's time to enable them to prioritize those risk-reducing activities, with the help of the Respond Analyst. 

The Respond Analyst:

  • Integrates directly into your existing security sensors (AV, EPP, Web Proxy, Threat Intel, etc)
  • Automates the monitoring, analysis, and triage of security events
  • Adds the FTE of 68-2,000 human analysts (environment size-dependent)

The Results:  A 99% reduction in false positives, reduced attacker dwell time, and a happy security team. 

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